Your personal information comes first, so we let you know what information can be collected when you use our app, how it is used and how the information is maintained.

"Jelix Jump Pro" is a puzzle game application for mobile devices created by developer Roberto Plasencia.

This application does not require any type of registration or personal documentation such as emails, passwords or others. Therefore, it will not be necessary to provide any type of personal information for its use, if this were the case, your information would never be used to the detriment of your person.

We will never sell, distribute or revoke any type of information to third parties that is not legally applicable.

We use third party advertisements to support our application. Advertisers may use cookies when these ads are displayed on the app. Using these means that some information about you is returned to the advertiser. This could include your IP address, your ISP, and the browser you use to access the website. This information is generally used to tailor the ads to you.

By using this application you are giving your consent to those described in these policies.

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